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Really Cool Pens
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And some Pencils . . .

At Really Cool Pens, I create pens from many different kinds of woods, deer antler and acrylics. Due to the nature of these materials, each pen will be unique. The grain, coloration, species and characteristics simply cannot be duplicated on another pen. While the size and shape may be similar, each pen is different.

I do not use a duplicator. Each pen is hand-turned on a lathe. Size and shape are determined by eye, so even my pen and pencil sets may have slight variations.

Most pens and pencils are finished with a high gloss. Some materials, such as antler, just feel better when left slightly rough. This lets you get a feel for the actual material.

I make many types of pens. Some are very slim and fit nicely in a petite hand. Some are medium in size and will feel good in either a small or large hand. The largest pens, called "Cigar" pens, usually have a heft that will make a very good impression on those using it. A person with arthritis might find this large pen easier to grip.  Fountain pens made of Antler are especially dramatic.

And what about refills? These pens use standard Cross or Parker style refills. Fountain pens use standard ink cartridges.  And some pens use rollerball refills. All these are readily available at most stationary stores, such as Office Depot and variety stores as well as eBay.

Some pencils use .7mm lead, also available at the same sources in a variety of hardnesses. The lead in your pencil will be H or HB. Other pencils use a 2mm lead. These are typically in a pen and pencil set.

Whatever your taste, please browse my store. Remember, shipping is flat-rate per order, to anywhere in the continental US.