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Unique, one of a kind

 Bottle stoppers! Wow!  Considering the infinite variety of materials and shapes, no two stopper handles will be the same.

The stoppers are finished in chrome or stainless steel and have silicone seals for long, reliable service.

My stopper handles are typically made from exotic woods, some acrylic and deer and elk antlers.  Woods were chosen for their variety of grain and appearance. For instance, the redwood is almost irredescent when rotated in the light. Tulipwood is just plain beautiful.

Keep in mind, each handle is unique, especially antler. I don't have a shelf full of the same woods, shapes or sizes.  I make each one by hand. The shape is left to my whimsical feeling at the time.  If you like what you see, you should purchase it now. 

Antler handles have endless patterns, shapes and colors. Most of my antlers are natural shed. I know, because they still have the little button on the end. A few likely  gave themselves to the dinner table. Antlers are really cool as a stopper handle.

Acrylic designs are equally varied in pattern and color. Whatever you pick will be an absolute one of a kind. 

Please enjoy these with your favorite grape and rest assured, you won't see any of these at Tar...' or Wal...

The wooden stopper handles are constructed from natural materials. As such, they are NOT dishwasher safe and should not be soaked in any liquid. Doing so may cause the wood to change dimensions (that is, swell) and may crack when drying. I recommed you clean the handles only with a damp cloth.  Do not store the stopper with handle in a moist environment.  Antlers, well, they started in the wild and will not be materially damaged if they get wet. However, they, too, are NOT dishwasher safe. The very nature of a dishwasher is to remove everything it can. No promises if you send a stopper through the washer.